Poem ‘This Love’ published in Bath Magg’s April issue.


I’ve been a fan of Bath Magg ever since its first issue in 2019. I love their thoughtful editorials and the vibrant collection of poetry, which is carefully arranged by editors Joe Carrick-Varty and Mariah Whelan.

So, what a delight to have a poem featured in their April edition! Please have a read of the whole magazine, including ‘This love’ here.

Poems as lives, skins you can slip on easy as a glove, until all of a sudden you’re not watching another episode of Tiger King but inhabiting a kind of love which is ‘not the first thing you remember’, a kind of love which ‘runs from bees’, which ‘wears a high viz jacket, waves semaphore flags’, a love which is ‘the first clap in a sustained standing ovation following an amateur production of Cats’ (of course it is!) as Rowena Cooper’s ‘This love’ so stunningly conjures and sings.

Joe Carrick-Varty, on behalf of the editorial team. Bath Magg April 2020.