Fancy a Poem for Breakfast?


Are you tired of waking up to headlines about coronavirus? Why not start your day off by reading a poem instead? Enter…..’Poems for Breakfast’!

One of the best things about moving to Oxford was discovering the wondrous pedal-powered ‘Oxford Poetry Library’. It’s run by powerhouse Phoebe Nicholson and a committed group of volunteers, of which I’m one. Our vision is that by bringing poetry into the local community, we want to introduce as many people as possible to the joys and benefits of reading poems, as well as nurture the existing community of writers and readers around the city.

I’ve been involved for the last couple of years delivering writing workshops to the Oxford community. As you can imagine, coronavirus has put a stop to many of the activities we had scheduled.

So we’re using our free time to bring poetry to the community in a virtual format.

One of these initiatives is super simple – you can sign up to receive a poem in your inbox every morning. We’ve had amazing feedback so far about how people have find this a bright and uplifting way to start their day, so necessary during this crisis. So, if you fancy a poem for breakfast….

Find out more here!

Poem ‘This Love’ published in Bath Magg’s April issue.


I’ve been a fan of Bath Magg ever since its first issue in 2019. I love their thoughtful editorials and the vibrant collection of poetry, which is carefully arranged by editors Joe Carrick-Varty and Mariah Whelan.

So, what a delight to have a poem featured in their April edition! Please have a read of the whole magazine, including ‘This love’ here.

Poems as lives, skins you can slip on easy as a glove, until all of a sudden you’re not watching another episode of Tiger King but inhabiting a kind of love which is ‘not the first thing you remember’, a kind of love which ‘runs from bees’, which ‘wears a high viz jacket, waves semaphore flags’, a love which is ‘the first clap in a sustained standing ovation following an amateur production of Cats’ (of course it is!) as Rowena Cooper’s ‘This love’ so stunningly conjures and sings.

Joe Carrick-Varty, on behalf of the editorial team. Bath Magg April 2020.