Community Playmaker – I want to read your play!


As Covid-19 closed the doors of Oxford Playhouse, they have opened their arms to the community.

I was fortunate enough to be one of six playwrights chosen for the 2020 ‘Playhouse Playmaker’ which is funded by the Oxford Playhouse. Our group meets once a month where we spend the day receiving tuition from playwright Clare Bayley, and then provide feedback on each other’s plays, which we’re each developing across the programme. Normally, we’d finish off by eating pizza, to fuel up before watching that night’s show at the Playhouse.

When Corona struck, things changed a bit. No more free pizza & theatre. Our sessions moved from the ‘Green Room’ to Skype. And, more importantly, we were able to give back to the Playhouse from the investment they’ve made in our careers.

The Community Playmaker is an opportunity for any budding playwright to send a script in & receive detailed feedback – some of which will be from me! I’m reading a script a week and loving being able to support other writers to develop their vision.

Alongside my fellow Playmakers, I’ve written a blog for anyone who is setting out to write their first play. You’ll find it on the Community Playmaker website here, where you can also learn about how you can get involved.

Happy writing folks!

After Aulis @ The Attic

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In July 2017, Nia got her first full outing, performing to audiences in the fantastic fringe theatre space ‘The Attic’, in Stratford-Upon-Avon.


Outside The Attic – Nia’s on the bill!

As it was new writing – and being round the corner from the RSC! – we knew we needed to work hard to bring people in. So, in the weeks running up the performance, we showcased teaser videos on social media, and then Emme and Rowena took to the Stratford streets to hand out flyers.

And it was well worth the sore feet and throats – with the biggest audiences for new writing that The Attic had ever seen!

At the end of the run, we were thrilled at our review in the Stratford Observer, which you can read here.

After each of the performances, we also asked the audiences for feedback. Here’s what they had to say:

“Wonderful script, amazing actress, playing 6 parts so clearly.  Funny, sad and soul searching.  A must-see”

“Heartbreaking and joyful. Thought it was beautifully written, directed and performed.”

“Go see it – brilliant performance!”

“A funny and moving portrayal of a 21st Century woman”

“Brilliant storytelling.  A journey through many emotions throughout.  Emmeline was fantastic.  Thank you.”

“Funny, sad and thought provoking – great actress, great writer”

“Rude, sad and mad.  After Aulis has it all!”

“An acerbic and absorbing contemporary take on an ancient Greek tragedy. Emmeline Braefield revels in her portrayal of the main protagonist: hilariously callous throughout, yet at times deeply compassionate; all the while playing an array of identifiable supporting characters in this must-see one-woman show. “


Every leading lady deserves flowers!